Fall Gives Way To Change or How I Started A Patreon

Long time no update! Here I am back again! Those that follow my social media know it’s not like I haven’t been shooting all the time, but I’ve really been meditating on my future with this site and my work in general. Well I have what I think is a very happy announcement. I have officially launched my Patreon! (click the link to get there). I want to start by thanking everyone that comes out to kungfubreakfast.com week in and week out checking out my work. All I ever want to do is share my photos and videos with the world but I have reached a point where I want to level up.

Real talk: I work to support my art. Many people do I and for now I will continue to do so as well. I work a gig job (Lyft driver) because the 9-5 world and I just didn’t really get along. I left that world hoping that Photography could be my full-time job and sometimes it’s a struggle working freelance for clients, chasing down work, etc. The one thing I’ve always heavily believed in is my own work that you see here on my website. Unfortunately paying for a website, a Vimeo page to host my videos, photo gear, gas money, etc. can be a lot. But fear not! I’m not giving up, not even close. No my belief is that asking those of you that love my work to chip in a nominal amount will help me not only continue doing what I do, but get to the next level. Wouldn’t you love to see me do shoots with Muses from all over the world in places like the pyramids of Mexico, abandoned cathedrals in Europe, and all sorts of other weird and exciting places?

The way my Patreon page works is that for $10 a month you’ll be able to see all of my normal (fairly) safe for work sets and for $20 you can see my more adult-themed, nude, lingerie, kink sets plus all the other sets. The great change is that instead of here where I dump a billion sets on you once a month at Patreon I’ll be posting a new set every day. For the first month they will be never before seen sets and then starting in October I’ll be sprinkling in Kung Fu Breakfast Classic sets previously seen here on the site.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be rebuilding this site a lot different to help promote all my endeavors. I didn’t want to spring this on all of you out of loyalty and support so for now please feel free to enjoy all the sets I’ve posted the last 5 years. I want to make this site more of a best of but hopefully this also means I can expand this blog. I love to write to all of you but always feel like it’s a huge burden to write about what happened on so many shoots and that’s usually why you only hear from my once a month. I’d like to change this blog in something more personal where I can also recommend to you music, movies, and other art I like or just tell you what’s going on with me so please stay tuned for that.

As this this thing takes off and gets bigger I’ll be able to offer more merchandise such as books, calendars, t-shirts, and all sorts of things I’ve been wanting to do with my work the last few years but haven’t wanted to shell out the extra dough on top of the money I already spend. By supporting me you can be a part of something that you enjoy that much more!

Oh also make sure to sign up for my new $5 tier and you’ll get early access to teaser photos I shoot and edit the same day! Go sing up today and I already have 4 never before seen sets with The Spritely One, Invader Min, Xtine Reckless, and Nielah with more coming every day. Again I want to thank everyone so much and I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me.

Yours Truly,

Jay Kantor