Angelina Christina Video Debuts!

Hello Hello!  Welcome back to another installment of "This is My Life".  No but seriously it's been a busy few weeks since getting back from Florida.  This week I'll have some new sets for you including hopefully by the end of the week my LA Art Show photos.  LA Art Show was a rousing success but I'll save that for my next post.

For today I am most happy to share with you the debut of my new video series with Angelina Christina.  Starting two years ago I started shooting videos with a major talent in the street art world, Angelina Christina.  Anyone who has been following my site has seen the countless sets I've shot with Angelina both as an artist and a muse.  Well what you might not know is that for all that time Starfighter brought me in to document a number of her murals being put up and now I am so happy to finally be able to share them with you (in no particular order).

The first video I'd like to share with you today is one we shot in the Fall of 2015 on the fringe of the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles at a location formerly run by PodShare (interestingly the location has now become part of the dungeon of another muse of mine, Cybill Troy).  During this time Angelina was working down the street on a collab with UK Graff Artist and Seventh Letter Member Fanakapan (outside of another dungeon run by my friend Isabella Sinclaire).  In the time I've spent with Angelina she is almost always working on multiple projects, and this was no exception.  Angelina was commissioned by Bai Drinks to create a design for a custom guitar for The Zac Brown Band.  Angelina decided that she didn't want to do a simple painting or drawing, but to actually create a mural for the guitar.  Angelina was gifted a wall by PodShare owner/founder Elvina Beck.

During the day Angelina and Fanakapan would work on the mural now known colloquially as the 4th Street Piece (with it's own video to eventually be released), and at night we would stay at PodShare where Angelina would paint this beautiful solo work.  Truth be told, this was the first (though not the last) solo piece I had documented Angelina painting.  This video is a real treat as you not only get to see Angelina's spray painting, but you also get an in-depth look at her exquisite brush work.

The whole experience was a lot of fun with the atmosphere of the various people staying at PodShare, our crew, the meditative nature of the work, and new friendships.  In fact, this project was would lead to me eventually photographing Elvina.  Stay tuned to the end of the video for a look at the guitar made from this mural.  Also keep an eye as I continue to drop new videos with Angelina as part of this new series.  View video below and scroll further down to check out the entire set.

Angelina Christina - Present

Angelina Christina - Present