Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Fire

The journey of an artist is one of ups and downs.  Once you are truly immersed in the process it's largely trial by fire.  You're passionate about what you do, practicing your craft, receiving praise for what you're doing but no pay checks are coming.  You're leveling up but the landlord is knocking at your door and you can't explain to them that the exposure you're getting is really great right now.  Trial by fire.  We immerse ourselves in the light hoping to rise out of the fire like the phoenix.  Fire is a dangerous element though and we must respect.  Yes it burns bright, warms up, gives a feeling of pure positivity but we also must know when to step out of it.

A few months back I shot my second set in a series with Lindsay Carron focusing on the elements.  In our previous set we explored water, and today fire.  I wanted to share a few of my own thoughts about fire followed by Lindsay's:

In the midst of death, life persists.  In the midst of lies, truth persists.  In the midst of darkness, light persists.


It begins in a dark space.  Devoid of form, but bursting with possibility.  Then one light appears.  A flicker of the wick of a candle.  The fire bringing form to the void.  One by one, the fires are lit.  Then the transformation begins.  

Through each movement, through each gaze, through each pause of stillness, an offering of fire is made.  It is a blessing of warmth and light.  A life blessing.  A reflection of the fire of our souls, our heart fire.  This is the fire that links us to all other life on this planet.  It is the ignition spark of creation.  

With fire/light and void/darkness, we have the perfect contrast.  One does not exist without the other.  A rainbow of colors cannot form without the darkness to hold and reflect the light.  It is the same for us: we lie dormant, waiting, waiting, waiting in the void, in order to, in the perfect conditions, burst forth in the most brilliance possible.  It is a renewal of hope.  A messenger of life.  


In order to transform the world for the better, we must first truly and deeply understand each element.  


This is a blessing for the fire of our Earth. 

Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Fire

Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Fire