Happy 420! Cannabis Cup 2016!

I started smoking weed when I was 21.  I never drank or did any drugs in high school or most of college.  As a side note, I had my first drink a week before my older brother's wedding because it was in New Orleans and I wanted to be prepared.  I'm not much of a drinker these days but I do love to get high.  It can be difficult to talk about because though so many do it, there are still a number of social stigmas associated with weed.  I recently applied for a job where the background security questionnaire asked you've ever used marijuana or cocaine and it was a yes or no question.  I'm not saying blow is THE most dangerous drug in the world, however it is miles away from marijuana.

The first time I got high I was dating this girl Christie.  She liked to partake in the ganj.  I told her I was kind of interested in doing it.  We went to a party being thrown by our friend Santi on campus.  He gave me an edible (actually two when I didn't feel the first one aka big mistake).  I do not recommend edibles for anyone the first time they get high.  I remember we watched Sleepy Hollow.  I had never seen it and I can tell you that I had no memory of seeing it afterward.

It wasn't really until I moved to LA that I understood the benefits of marijuana.  I've always had problems with anxiety and social shyness.  Anxiety can produce so many other problems and smoking weed has helped with all of those issues and created the kind of self-awareness that allows me to be me and improve on the things that I don't like.  I'm an out and proud stoner.

I don't have too much else to say about this year's Cannabis Cup but it was rad, I met some cool people, had a great time.  I went on four different days with models on three of the days, and a couple of my homies on the other.  On the 2nd day it rained and they held the entire event inside, which produced some crazy results.  Happy 420!

Cannabis Cup 2016

Cannabis Cup 2016