Wynwood (Art Basel 2015)

I hope you're enjoying all of the fun photos from Art Basel 2015.  I've been posting some of my favorites on social media so for a more curated look make sure to click the Instagram photo on the sidebar.  Today we're going to take a step away from all of the Angelina Christina content and shift our focus a little wider to Wynwood itself.  My intention for the trip was always to focus on my work with Angelina but to make sure to check out the rest of what was going on.  Miami's Wynwood District has been the epicenter of street art during Art Basel for some years.  The neighborhood is all a walkable distance.  I can't really compare Wynwood to anywhere else I've been for the sheer density of high quality murals in one area.  Once I arrived in Miami I received a message from Cindy Schwarzstein of Cartwheel Art asking me if I'd like to cross promote my adventures for Art Basel.  Cindy has been a supporter of mine pretty much since the beginning of my work in Street Art so I was happy to oblige.  This meant more motivation to cover not only my projects with Angelina but the rest of Wynwood as well.

My approach was a bit mixed as I chose sometime to wander and other times I was with Angelina and just happened to be around a lot of really amazing artists that Angelina either already knew or I met.  I also didn't stick purely to new works but when presented with the opportunity re-photographed some murals of previous years that I simply did not get quite a good as shot as I did now.  One of the things I find interesting about photographing a mural is that I get this feeling like you have one opportunity to present your photograph of a mural to the world, but like photographing anything there are no limitations and you can go back as often as you want or need to.

Unlike the other galleries here I can't say there was one story that particularly stood out to me but I met and talked to a few rad artists I met for the first time on this trip like Ian Ross, Tati Suarez, Marka27, The Never Crew, James Oleson, 2Alas, Solus, and Nove amongst others.  I also ran in to some old friends working on murals like Drew Merritt, Kevin Ledo, JC Rivera, Clinton Bopp, Jason Ostro, and Jules Muck.  I also discovered a few artists are stand-offish, pretentious, dicks but I won't mention their names because it ain't worth it but I will go on a soapbox for a second.  I totally understand when you're working on you just want to concentrate on what you're doing.  I also get that sometimes we all have off-days.  However, if you want to be a public artist then I think you should make time for anyone that has anything nice to say about your work.  If someone is already familiar with your work then blowing them off is rude and you've probably lost a fan.  If someone is not familiar with your work but could be then you've lost a potential fan.  If you really want to be left alone then don't make public art, go work in a studio and be by yourself.  Rant over.

Click the photo below for all of the amazing photos from Wynwood