Street Art Round Up 08/09/2015

Welcome back to the Street Art Roundup!  I skipped last week because we had a lot of other sets to catch up on but that just means this week is jam packed.  Lots of Melrose action as I showed my New York friend Sean Frasier around and checked out Haunted Euth and TFail's show at Stone Malone (not street art, but I make the rules here so fuck it).

Things heated up with a trip to Riverside with Jennifer Korsen.  I'll have a full gallery of that trip this week but during that trip I got to see an amazing piece by Jeff Soto and Maxx242.  This would wind up being especially interesting as later in the gallery you see I spotted more Jeff Soto on the streets of Melrose.

Jason Ostro and The Gabba Gallery provided some brand new content with another alley project featuring some really rad artists.  Nearby behind The Virgil I also caught a few pieces by friends of KFB: Yhercat and Deity.

Garage Gallery had their grand opening.  I shot the whole show with a gallery coming this week but I decided to feature the wall pieces here and a special Street Art Vehicle (one of two in this week's post).

Other things happened but if you want to see what then just click the photo below to see the whole gallery.  Enjoy!

Street Art Roundup 08/09/2015

Street Art Roundup 08/09/2015