Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Water plus Bonus Gallery!

My 4th of July became extra epic when I got the chance to shoot with the wonderful artist Lindsay Carron.  Lindsay and I first met last year year while Angelina Christina and Ease One painted inside of The Container Yard on a mural that would immediately be torn down.  At the time she had just completed a Mandala with Ngene Mwaura.

Lindsay's been doing amazing artwork on a 6-month stay in Juno, Alaska so we haven't had much chance to work together but I lucked out that she was down in LA for a few days to live paint for The Dali Lama's 80's Birthday Party courtesy of DoArt.

We decided to shoot together on the 4th of July in Manhattan Beach and the results are powerful.  So powerful that Lindsay did a write up to go with the set and had this to say:

Elemental: Water

There is a clarity that occurs when we strip down bare and access the core.  It is a certain pristine stillness, openness, and accessibility.  It allows us to fully engage with our surroundings and recognize all that is present and give honor and blessing to this immense gift of existence. 

The ritual behind such a moment gives power to the actions and words that are part of it.  Slowly carving out the mandala in the sand.  Blessing each element and purposefully placing it in the greater circle.  The paint streaming down the face, in the eyes, dripping down the cheeks like tears, into the mouth: transforming.  Into the waves to wash it all away.  Kelp wrapped around the body like skin.  Sinking deeper and deeper until there is no separation: human and ocean as one. 

 “In indigenous ways of knowing, we say that a thing cannot be understood until it is known by all four aspects of our being: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.”  - Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gathering Moss.  In order to transform the world for the better, we must first truly and deeply understand each element. 

This is a blessing for the water of our Earth. 

Click the photo below to see the entire set and scroll all the way down further for a Bonus Gallery Lindsay and I shot together on my iPhone after she completed a mural at Goda Yoga in Culver City.

Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Water

Lindsay Carron - Elemental: Water

Bonus Set: Lindsay Carron - Goda Yoga in Culver City

Bonus Set: Lindsay Carron - Goda Yoga in Culver City