Street Art Roundup - 07/19/2015

This Street Art Roundup became all about quick stops for pieces while doing other activities and shoots.

During adventures with my buddy Nick he showed me a new Space Invader piece near his place in Westlake that is maybe my favorite.  I love these slightly larger Invader pieces that pop up from time to time.

After that we headed to The Container Yard and saw Asylm and Vogue at work as well as capturing some clean shots and details of pieces by Irot, Evol, Angelina Christina/Ease One/Mar/Sek, Bumblebeelovesyou/Mikael B., Tristan Eaton, and a brand new piece by Drew Merritt.

The next day I found myself at KGB Studios in Chinatown with Jennifer Korsen to drop off a piece of hers for a show.  I've shot there before but recaptured a shot by Eric Skotnes and caught a brand new shot of a beautiful piece by Ezra.

This week I headed to Palm Springs for a photo shoot with the amazing Romi Marie which you'll see in the next few days.  During the trip I saw a new Ease One piece at Bar where Ease has been doing a lot of work recently. 

I made a stop by The LA Coliseum to get final shots of the epic David Flores piece I photographed being put together.  

The West Side yielded some results this week, the highlights being a Ruben Rojas piece in Santa Monica for Beautify Earth and a beautiful How & Nosm piece at LA Weekly in Culver City.

Until next week, click the photo below to check out the rad new pieces for this week and enjoy!

Street Art Roundup 07/19/2015

Street Art Roundup 07/19/2015