Street Art Roundup - 07/12/2015

It was not easy gathering street art this week since I spent most of the week without a car and yet this post is filled with goodies.

I visited Santa Monica to catch up with a new Mar piece in collaboration with Ruben Rojas for Beautify Earth.  I love this new work from Mar that revisits his waves in a twist.  Spencer Mar's work continues to push forward and Rojas' work is strong here as well.  Beautify Earth has also been kicking ass continuing to change the landscape in Los Angeles for all the right reasons.

While on the West Side I continued south to Venice to continue rephotographing pictures previously taken on my iPhone (sometimes for replacement for the better shot and other times to show another angle.  The highlights of Venice included two newer pieces from the evocative Afrika47 including a collab with Bisco Smith, another collab in the form of two talented painters entering their prime: Clinton Bopp and Raphael Grischa, and a really rad electrical box by an east side favorite: Hengone (who recently completed this rad mural in Echo Park).

The new Moncho piece in Hollywood is pretty epic and I love to see Moncho continue to work on a large scale.

I got a Chase piece I've never seen down I road haven't previously been down in Venice while spending the 4th of July with some rad artists as well as as a great shot on that Dabs Myla wall that I photographed being put up on Fairfax but never got a chance to photograph in all its glory without a million cars always parked there (holidays can be great for shooting).

Not sure when that Haste piece went up on Melrose but it's siiiick (and hard to photograph).  Funny to see the piece on a week I shot with Annie Motel because Haste is the reason I discovered Annie's work after see his amazing mural in Culver City at a Capoeira Studio in Culver City where Annie also happened to be showing at a pop up art show.

The rest of the batch includes pieces by KFB favorites Cyrcle, Girl Barf, Jules Muck, Asylm, Jonas Never, Huit1, Chase, Jesse Hazelip, Hans Walør, Cryptik, Zio Zeigler, Bumblebeelovesyou, Sand One, D*Face, Dog Byte, Shepard Fairey, Retna, DJ Neff, Apexer, Love Crew, Dcypher, and Self as well as new comers Courtney GIbson aka Exist and Mike Pyro.

Click the photo below for the full gallery of this week's Street Art Roundup.

Street Art Roundup 07/12/2015

Street Art Roundup 07/12/2015