Street Art Roundup 06/28/2015

Lots of goings on for this Street Art Roundup including revisiting a handful of my favorite pieces in DTLA as well as FINALLY finding my way to the former LaLA Outdoor Gallery on top of Willow Studios across from the parking lot from Villains Tavern.

I first saw this place about a year ago just driving around with the corner of a How & Nosm piece visible to the street below.  I tried to make my way to there which lead to me finding the Shepard Fairey stairwell.  The stairwell at the time had Cryptik as well but has since changed.  I eventually found the entrance to a bar that I've never seen anyone in, which leads me to believe its purely for shooting movies.  The man working there told me that the gallery was being evicted and that I couldn't see the art.  For the past year I saw that the outdoor pieces were still there openly mocking me.  I was in the area meeting at Villains with Moxi and Kym for a special project we are doing together (more details to come), so just as I'm about to explore Willow again Kym arrived.  We walked up together, no one was around, so we walked straight in and outdoors to the pieces and you will see they are well worth it.

After that was a short visit to Venice from my recent photo adventure with fellow photographer/videographer Steven Burhoe.

Dual action from The Container Yard as I got some rad night shots from there 1 Year Anniversary event.  It was really beautiful to see a lot of these pieces at night and how they are lit as I'm usually only there in the daytime.  The Container Yard also got a special treat with the addition of a new Nychos piece that is one of the sickest murals of 2015.

After that comes some teasers from the madness known as Pow Wow Long Beach 2015.  The first ever of this event in Long Beach was awesome and in the coming days I'll have several galleries going up from the event including the Museum Opening and new photo sets with many of the artists working on this rad event.

Finally we finish out with some good ol' action in The Arts District of DTLA

Click the picture below for the full gallery and enjoy!

Street Art Roundup 06/28/2015

Street Art Roundup 06/28/2015