Merry Xmas! - Santa Muerte

Happy Holidays!  Let me start off by saying how strange it is that I have a Christmas post because A) I'm Jewish B) I'm not even religious as a Jew and C) Fuck mass consumerism.  All that being said I am actually a sucker for the Holiday season because I just like that there's a reason that so many people are stoked to be in a good mood.  Vacations are rolling, bonuses are arriving, family is together, people are thinking about each other, plus I don't know why but I discovered a few years ago that I have a soft spot for Christmas music.  I think I'm so detached from the Holiday that it's like going to a theme park and being in some sort of other worldly attraction.  You know it's not your reality so you just see the cool things and you're like, "Oh that seems nice".  I also get the best gift of all because when Christmas hits Los Angeles is dead.  LA is filled with so many transplants that this mandatory "Get the fuck home now or I'll disown you" holiday that most people experience drives out the masses.  The streets are easy to navigate, those still in LA give you this knowing nod, overall it's pretty great.

All that said, this Christmas set wasn't my idea.  Kung Fu Babe Melissa Whyte approached me about creating a few photos for her Creepy Xmas show here in LA for a flyer, some postcards, a few prints for sale, etc.  Melissa is one of my favorite collaborators.  We only met this year but in that time I've photographed Melissa painting a Sailor Moon mural, twice as solo model, and for Halloween we did collaborated on a Day of The Dead shoot with both Melissa and Ari Garland that Melissa Art Directed.  So when she approached me about doing this shoot with her return to Art Direction, it was a no-brainer.  I'm not even sure I understood what exactly she was proposing when the word "Yes" came out of my mouth.  This shoot was the first time that Melissa and I worked together without Melissa being in the photos and it was a really interesting experience.  I also rarely have shoots with multiple models like this so it was good to know I could handle that.  I also took a little extra time with our Santa for solo shots and even fit in a self portrait with myself and Melissa.  The shoot experience was made extra cool because Melissa and I went to see The Misfits afterward and capped the night with some In-n-Out.

I couldn't make it to the show as I was still in Miami for Art Basel as my trip became extended but you can be sure I'll be there at Melissa's Valentine's Day Show operating my own photo booth.  For today though I want to wish all of my Kung Fu Breakfast models, artists, and you the viewers that support this site a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Much-Needed-Mandatory Day Off, etc. 

Click the photo below to enjoy our Creepy Xmas entitled Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte