Angelina Christina/Kevin Ledo - Collaboration

As I continue gathering and editing my photos from Art Basel 2015 I almost forgot that I have a whole other set of photos from a recent mural project to share with all of you.  Only a week or so before Angelina Christina and I departed for Miami, we spent a week with our travel companion, Montreal-based artist Kevin Ledo.  I was familiar with Kevin's work in Miami from previous Basels so I was pretty stoked when Angelina told me she and Kevin would be working on a mural together thanks in part to Beautify Earth at the building occupied by production company 3ROUNDBURST in Culver City.  I stayed the week at Angelina's studio in Marina Del Rey where I became temporary roommates with Kevin and an honorary Westsider (the conversion in LA from Eastside to Westside is quite the big deal for those not in the know).

Kevin Ledo is a great guy and it was cool to spend the time I did with him including our roadtrip with Angelina to Miami which you will see soon.  One of the more interesting aspects of this mural was that Angelina and Kevin have such similar styles and technical working styles that the piece came out truly collaborative as is evidenced in the photos.  We all agreed to that Kevin's lines that worked in to the background of the final piece were so strong on their own that they could have been their own mural so it's great to see the progression of layers here.  Truly a beautiful work of art by two heartfelt and talented artists.  I also shot a plethora of video so stayed tuned for that in the future.

Click the photo below to see the entire set from start to finish of a brand new mural by Angelina Christina and Kevin Ledo