Melissa Whyte & Ari Garland - Día de los Muertos

Happy Halloween!  It's here!  Halloween is one of the greatest times of the year for sure but I think my favorite aspect since moving to LA eight years ago has been Día de los Muertos, a day that we celebrate and honor the dead.  Death is a very real part of our every day lives and it's healthy for us to embrace it.  We will all die some day and there's something very beautiful about our return to the earth.  On this very special set I collaborated with one of my favorite Kung Fu Babes, Graff Artist Melissa Whyte.  Melissa was responsible for the art direction and casting including bringing on the super rad Ari Garland.  I loved watching Melissa paint and prep so I gathered a few shots in her room in Venice and then we headed out in to the world with the girls in full Yher-styled Sugar Skull makeup.  We received so many compliments and smiles as we photographed around Venice that it just made the shoot that much better.  We then finished up back at Melissa's house where she built a small set.  It was amazing working with Melissa in that capacity and we're already putting together more plans for future collabs.  Happy Halloween and Día de los Muertos!

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Melissa Whyte & Ari Garland -     Día de los Muertos

Melissa Whyte & Ari Garland - Día de los Muertos