Jay Kantor

Jay Kantor is an emerging photographer/filmmaker born and raised in Southampton, Massachusetts and is now based in Los Angeles, California.   After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Photography from Ithaca College, he emerged from the Art Center College of Design with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graduate Film.  Jay's films have screened nationally at The Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Evil City Film Festival, and Los Angeles Independent Artist Film Festival.

Jay is probably best known for his street art photography under the moniker Kung Fu Breakfast, covering murals and graffiti all across The United States.  Jay has worked closely with artists such as Angelina Christina, David Flores, Jules Muck, and Dourone.

His passion for art and collaboration, eye for image making, and rhythm for editing has put him on the forefront of today's working artists.

All images used courtesy Jay Kantor (unless otherwise noted)

Kung Fu Breakfast

Kung Fu Breakfast is an idea that the discipline of art starts every morning and practicing it first thing is the most important meal of your day.

Originally started as a monthly art magazine, the Kung Fu Breakfast brand has expanded in to the artistic universe of its founder Jay Kantor, encompassing its many talented collaborators spans the realms of film, photography, gallery and street art, dance, and writing.